cotswold2016_43The Cotswold Show would not be complete without animals – this year expect falcons, horses, ferrets, rare breed sheep, pigs and goats, ducks and chickens. Even some parrots!

The Rare Breeds Survival Trust joins us again. They are very proud of their animals and are always willing to show them off to the public wherever possible. We are very fortunate to have such a diverse and wonderful collection of rare breed farming stock with us.

There is also fun for your dogs too – with Shows, have-a-go hurries and even a dog agility course! All in the new World of Dogs

Practical horsemanship…..The horse whisperers live!!! bucking pony

Practical Horsemanship is a collaboration, between Grant Bazin and Dan Wilson, who met whilst working for legendary American horse whisperer Monty Roberts. They have travelled the world helping young and troubled horses overcome all manner of behavioural issues, using their understanding of equine behaviour and their great blend of love for horses and sense of fun.

During this weekend’s display Grant will be working with a young horse that has never worn a saddle or carried a rider before, by using the methods he has learnt from a lifetime with horses. Just watch and see what can be achieved in a truly unique display that will wow the audience, from the layman to the expert equine enthusiast. This highly educational, fun and exciting display is not to be missed!!

cotswoldshow2015_22Ferret Racing

The Hants and Berks Ferret Club will be bringing along their ferrets so you can get up close and personal with these friendly creatures; learn more about ferret welfare, care and handling whilst dispelling commonly-held misconceptions. Not forgetting, of course, having some fun too!

cotswold2016_188Butts Farm Rare Breeds

Gary Wallace and Judy Hancox are well qualified to run Butts Farm where they farm rare and traditional breeds of cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and poultry.

In their special marquee you will find many animals and lots of information about them. Get up close with some very rare breeds indeed.

4314003Rare Breed Poultry

The Rare Breeds Survival Trust monitors the number of rare and native breeds including
chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. That’s over 70 breeds to look after in the UK alone.

Visit their marquee and find out more about this important project.

cotswold2016_67Birdline UK Parrot Rescue

This is a National Charity involved in rescuing unwanted parrots and helping distraught or unhappy owners to cope with their more challenging parrots. The charity rehomes ill-treated birds, and those with behavioural problems are referred to specialist carers who retain the bird at their home and work with it until the bird is retrained or well enough to be rehomed. The charity urgently needs more members who can offer safe houses and foster homes. Speak to them at the Show to find out more.

LogoCotswold Pheasant and Poultry Club

A group of fanciers involved in the breeding, exhibiting and presentation of Poultry, Ducks, Turkeys and Pheasants. The club has been in existence for over 30 years and is a friendly social club which meets once a month on an informal basis. They will be displaying around 80 pure-bred birds and members of the Club will be on hand to “chat chickens”.

Cotswold Alpaca Experience

Cotswold Alpacas will be bringing these brilliant animals to the Show for you to see. They will also be showing the process of alpaca fibre production from sheared fleece through to an alpaca product.

You can find out about caring for alpacas, breeding them and their history and experience just how great not only the animals are but also the fabulous products that are produced with this “fibre of the gods”.

Cotswold Alpacas are dedicated to breeding alpacas with excellent conformation who maintain a superfine fleece. They have a range of colours but they are focusing on breeding Elite Greys with impeccable pedigrees.

Falling in love with Alpacas is far too easy they are both charming and inquisitive and each animal has it’s own character and individuality. Having been domesticated for over 5000 years, initially by the Incas in Peru, they have a huge amount to offer both as a pet and/or a production animal.