Apsley Arena

The Dog and Duck Show

The Dog and Duck Show is the most popular sheepdog display in the UK, providing highly entertaining sheepdog demonstrations with the aim of giving a better understanding of our canines’ behaviour. We rescue sheepdogs and use these trained and untrained canines in the arena, educating and entertaining audiences about common dog issues, while the dogs show their natural instincts as they herd Indian Runner Ducks.

Terrier Racing

Blackerwood Terriers are organising both the Terrier and Lurcher events at this year’s Show. There will be racing both mornings with full schedules from pups to veterans. These shows are qualifiers for at least FOUR major championships so don’t miss out!

Dan and Dandi..A One Trick Pony

Dan and Dandi are a Cirencester based horse display duo. Dan a former  NH jockey and his pure white 7 year old Andalusian will show you what a lifetime in the saddle can be achieved when your incredibly talented horse is also your best friend.

After two years performing with Giffords Circus they set out on their own tour and are now entering their second season of tricks, stunts, fire jumping  and funny capers together while demonstrating their skills and the very special bond they have together.

Stagecoach Performing Arts Cirencester

Stagecoach Performing Arts is celebrating its 30th birthday this year and join us to perform a variety of songs and dances from the musicals, including Singin’ In The Rain and Beauty And The Beast.

The children have put on fabulous annual shows, performed at Birmingham Symphony Hall, Shaftesbury Avenue Theatre in London and have formed part of the choir in the National Tour of Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Dog Agility

A fun and informative display from Louise Godwin and some of her best friends, Mona, Wupadup, Laser and Chico. Louise is an experienced dog trainer and has been competing since she was just 12 years old! She will demonstrate that her training is reward based using positive reinforcement.

Great fun to watch but a great way to learn some new techniques too.

Gun Dog Training

Watch the infinite skills of Cliff Waite and his gun dogs as he talks you through the art of gun dog training, ably demonstrated by his dogs. Cliff is a legend in the field of scurrying and has competed for more than 15 years in gun dog scurries, and won the right to have his name on many of the top awards with his Springer Spaniels.

Dancing Dogs

Long before Strictly Come Dancing or Britain’s Got Talent there were Dancing Dogs! LG Agility will be showing us how it’s done!