Bathurst Arena

The Bathurst Arena in 2019 will be jam-packed with thrilling sights and attractions to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Show…

Atkinson Action Horses

New for 2019 it is time to saddle up, strap in and hold on tight – as this fearless team of stunt riders are bringing their unique display to the Cotswolds.

Get ready for an astounding display of tricks and stunts normally reserved for only TV and the Big Screen.  All in front of your very eyes. Tricks/stunts include: Roman Riding, Drags, Falls, Pick Ups, Flips, Horses Rearing and Laying Down.

Be prepared for your heart to be in your mouth as you watch the riders demonstrate astounding acrobatics.

British Scurry and Trials Driving – ‘The Arena Challenge’

Family entertainment at its thrilling best, watch ponies and carriages fly around an obstacle course against the clock. Marvel at the skill of the drivers, the bravery of the grooms and the agility of the ponies as they take on a course made of cones, barriers, arches and anything else they can lay their hands on!

All sizes and shapes of ponies can take part so miniature ponies can be flying around trying to beat Welsh cobs around the twisty course. Single ponies gallop against pairs, all trying to be the best on the day.

Dog and Duck Show

The Dog and Duck Show is the most popular sheepdog display in the UK, providing highly entertaining sheepdog demonstrations with the aim of giving a better understanding of our canines’ behaviour. We rescue sheepdogs and use these trained and untrained canines in the arena, educating and entertaining audiences about common dog issues, while the dogs show their natural instincts as they herd Indian Runner Ducks.

Return of the Black Stallion and Falconry Display

Not content with just flying birds of prey, the Free Spirit Jonathan Marshall includes dancing Spanish and Lusitano horses with falcons trained to chase a swung lure at over 100 mph while the horses perform high schooled dressage moves such as Piaffe, Passage and Levade. Get a teaser of the display here.

Polo Demonstration

Founded in 1894, Cirencester Park is the oldest Polo Club in Great Britain. Just a stone’s throw from the show site, the Club is set in 3,000 acres of parkland and woodland and plays host to a full fixture list throughout the season.

If you’ve always liked the idea of Polo, but never understood the rules, now is the time to hear from experts with demonstrations of basic hitting and passing skills, and to round off the display an exhibition chukka.

Parade of Hounds

The Hound parade by Vale of White Horse Hunt & Royal Agricultural College Beagles takes place in the Bathurst Arena. Everyone is welcome to come and meet the two packs after the parade.

Hook Norton Dray Shire Horses
Hook Norton Brewery are one of the last remaining breweries in the country that still use shire horses for weekday deliveries of beer. They have four shires in their stables at the brewery and have brought them to the Show.