Family Attractions

Just some of the fun activities to keep the whole family entertained!

mikes donkeysDonkey Rides

Getting close to these calm, gentle animals can be of great benefit to children and adults alike. Riding, stroking, cuddling and talking to them – they love all the attention they can get.

Mike’s Donkeys are always supervised by experienced staff.

Donkey rides will be available at the Show for £2.50 per ride to children who are eight stone and under. Photographs, carrots and cuddles are welcome.

14573224686_3549a2e567_oTree Climbing

We’re delighted to welcome back Recreational Tree Climbing for children & adults alike! Climb a magnificent tree under expert supervision & tuition, in absolute safety. Learning the skill of climbing trees from a rope & harness is incredibly satisfying & surprisingly easy to achieve.

go-cartsChildren’s Go Carts

Specially designed ‘cub-carts’ for 3-10 year olds. Fabulous, safe fun. From the moment children set eyes on the cub karts they want to drive them. Once behind the wheel they are completely enthralled. Getting children into the cub karts is certainly a lot easier than getting them out!

water-buoysWater Buoyz

Fantastic fun for children and it’s safe and dry! Sit or stand inside one of the giant inflatable globes and roll around on top of the water – you won’t even get your feet wet!

cotswoldshow2015_14Bumper Boats

All the fun of the traditional fair bumper cars – but on water! You may get a bit wet but you can captain your own boat while bumping and dodging others!

bungeesBungee Trampolines

Jump for fun and see the Show from the air! Minimum age 3 years.