Apsley Arena

Dedicated to countryside activities and more, the Apsley Arena will be alive with animals this year…

Terrier Racing

Blackerwood Terriers are organising both the Terrier and Lurcher events at this year’s Show. There will be racing both mornings with full schedules from pups to veterans. These shows are qualifiers for at least FOUR major championships so don’t miss out!

Gun Dog Training

Watch the infinite skills of Cliff Waite and his gun dogs as he talks you through the art of gun dog training, ably demonstrated by his dogs. Cliff is a legend in the field of scurrying and has competed for more than 15 years in gun dog scurries and won the right to have his name on many of the top awards.

Dancing Dogs

Long before Strictly Come Dancing or Britain’s Got Talent, there was Dancing Dogs!

LG Agility will be showing us how it’s done!

Hawkeye Falconry Display

A very welcome return for Hawkeye Falconry UK.

Their bird of prey displays bring the ancient art of Falconry to the modern age,with a far-reaching and breathe-taking display, that is designed to thrill. The team have been giving professional falconry displays for many years and in that time have built up a reputation for giving one of the most sought- after and memorable bird of prey displays.

Avon Valley Ferrets

Lightbox imageAvon Valley Ferrets is a husband and wife team passionately dedicated to the welfare and well being of ferrets, the conservation status of our native polecat and upholding the traditional ways and true values of ferreting.

Paul and his wife Camilla travel to and attend many events during the summer months including country shows, game fairs, summer shows and group educational talks where they perform arena demonstrations on working ferrets, entertain members of the public with fun ferret racing and give educational talks. Their main objectives are to educate people and to promote all aspects of welfare toward these much maligned and little known about creatures as well as demonstrating the age old traditional method of rabbit control within the countryside using ferrets, nets and hawks.