Bathurst Arena

The Bathurst Arena in 2020 will be jam-packed with thrilling sights and attractions for young and old…

Savage Skills BMX Show

Stunts on two wheels do not have to be accompanied by a roaring engine to be exciting to watch. Savage Skills are the UK’s leading freestyle mountain bike stunt team and will thrill you with incredibly exciting stunts on their BMX bikes.

They pride themselves on being the most accomplished stunt show team in the United Kingdom and quite possibly the World. The facts speak for themselves, with 8 World and over 25 British Championship titles you’re sure to see some of the most impressive tricks, jumps and stunts possible, many of which would not think possible on a bicycle – prepare to be amazed!

Return of the Black Stallion and Falconry Display

Jonathan Marshall has earned his reputation as one of the world’s leading display falconers over the last 30 years. He has provided shows at some of the largest outdoor events in the UK.

Not content with just flying birds of prey, Jonathan introduced dancing Spanish and Lusitano horses into his display and trained both birds and horses to work together. The falcons are trained to chase a swung lure at over 100 mph while the horses perform high schooled dressage moves such as Piaffe, Passage and Levade.

It is art, beauty, falconry, history, passion, freedom, horsemanship, romance, flight, dance, grace, unique and timeless. All of the above and so much more.

Gloucestershire Police Dogs

Come and see the four-legged friends helping keep Gloucestershire streets safe.

The dogs will be introduced and we will learn all about their roles and their personalities! Then witness a whole display of the different ways these fearless dogs are used. From chasing and detaining, to searching for drugs and  chasing armed gunmen.

The Lamb National

From Bob and Tom Hogg, renowned for their high class sheepdog displays for over 20 years,  this fast and fun attraction uses the natural hardiness, agility and intelligence of the Herdwick breed. This helps them negotiate the obstacles. After being paraded in their own colours, they are introduced to the audience and then the fun starts.

Harvesting in Action

Lister Wilder will show a crop of wheat, represented by a swath of straw, being harvested by a combine where the grain is separated from the straw and then unloaded into a trailer while on the move. The waste straw is then square baled ready for use for livestock bedding.

At the same time, they will demonstrate the power of hydraulics, as one tractor lifts another on its front mounted three point pick-up hitch, while lifting another on its rear linkage, a total lift weight of approximately 10 tons.

Bob Hogg Sheepdog Display

Bob Hogg has travelled around the country with his sheepdog display enjoying taking the world of the shepherd and his dog into countryside arenas, showing the skills these amazing animals have, whilst offering great entertainment.

Polo Demonstration

Founded in 1894, Cirencester Park is the oldest Polo Club in Great Britain. Just a stone’s throw from the show site, the Club is set in 3,000 acres of parkland and woodland and plays host to a full fixture list throughout the season.

If you’ve always liked the idea of Polo, but never understood the rules, now is the time to hear from experts with demonstrations of basic hitting and passing skills, and to round off the display an exhibition chukka.

Parade of Hounds

The Hound parade by Vale of White Horse Hunt & Royal Agricultural College Beagles takes place in the Bathurst Arena. Everyone is welcome to come and meet the two packs after the parade.