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The first hounds used for hunting otters in the 13th century were probably based on the St. Hubert hound, the ancester of the modern bloodhound.

In the 1970s the Masters of Otterhounds were so worried about the decline in otter numbers that they decided to voluntarily give up hunting in 1977 in England and 1984 in Scotland. In order to ensure the survival of the breed the otterhound became a kennel club registered breed. There are only around 300 otterhounds in the UK, so this is a real treat to find out more about this ancient British Breed, courtesy of Teckelgarth Kennel, near Hereford.

_dsc8390Family Dog Show

All dogs are welcome to join in the fun at our Family Dog Show and maybe take away a rosette or two, and who knows yours might be the dog the judges would most like to take home!

The Dog Show takes place both days at 2pm.

Dog Agility Course

For a real ‘paws-on’ experience you and your dog can try agility training with Up and Over Dog Trainers. You can have a lesson which will begin with an explanation of the basic commands and philosophy behind agility training and introduce you and your dog to the equipment. Once you have both mastered the jumps, see-saw, rigid tunnel, flat tunnel, weave and mini-dog walk, you and your canine friend will be able to attempt a solo round of the course!

the-scurry“Have a Go” activities for every breed of dog

Cotswold Gundogs, will be running a variety of events where dog owners can put their pets or working dogs to the test.

For working dogs there are four Scurry disciplines as well as the prestigious Queen Anne Cup which will be run over the four scurry layouts and will be awarded to the dog with the fastest combined time over all four disciplines run back-to-back. The Cup will run over both days however dogs can only be entered once. The winner will receive the perpetual trophy and a rosette.